Sunday, February 22, 2009


I would like to try to knit my first socks EVER
So far I have done, hats, blankets and scarves nothing more exciting than that :(

any advice, tips, thoughts, patterns... anything really would be greatly appreciated!!

hope you are all enjoying a relaxing weekend... mine has been interesting...
I was supposed to go to a "slumber" party with a friend but we both were not feeling well.

I got lots of odds and ends done around the house yesterday and then went out to dinner but apparently, they put some butter in something I ate and I have spent the remaining time of the weekend being really itchy :(

damn dairy allergy :)

however, it should be noted that Pub and Kitchen is delicious for any of you who haven't been there in the philadelphia area.

today I have big plans for making myself an art/meditation room by cleaning out some closets

and maybe finishing up those pesky taxes..

I hope to post more this week

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