Sunday, March 4, 2007

Weekend Rewind

I had a very eventful weekend for the first time in sometime. Although, that also means exhausting.
Friday night I left work early. It has been quite a stressful week. Some people I work with are slightly enamored with hearing themselves talk and yell. They also enjoy claiming that age and years of service means you are automatically better at the job. So come Friday afternoon I was ready to head out of there for the freedom of the weekend.

I headed over to Irish Pub
To hang with the kickball team... YEAH RECESS BULLIES. Our First game was supposed to be today but it was cancelled because of the monsoon earlier in the week. I had fun, although, I think that Irish Pub is a frat scene for adults. It is not my favorite place on the planet but I walked there so I felt like I got a workout in.

After that my friend SBR and I headed over to her boyfriend's place. Mr. Melting Pot. Mr. Melting Pot had a friend playing at The Rotunda
Near Penn. So we went to see her. She was great and there was a ton of art and fun at the show so we had a good time.
Then we found out that our friend Wah was at Irish Pub (I love how I start my night where I end it) and it was his birthday so we met him

Saturday I ran errands and bought 3 pairs of pants and 3 shirts for under $100... thank goodness for 50% off everything sales. Then my friend came over and we baked. I wish I had pictures. We made Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar things. That were quite possibly the richest sweetest things I have ever eaten... but they didn't cut very pretty

Today SBR and her new roommate and myself went to Bucks county... we had so much fun we visited the Mercer Museum
And then to the Tile works place

all in all a fantastic weekend with hysterical pictures that need to be uploaded