Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend rewind!

Well after being sick and tired of being sick all last week I fled the confines of this apartment and Philadelphia and headed to the

BIG APPLE... goodbye Philly hello NYC

That's right friends I went to NYC to visit a lot of friends. i even saw people I haven't seen in years... literally like 5-7 years.

It was crazy!

Friday night, I got NY and of course it was like a degree out and who forgot more than her winter jacket... THIS GIRL! So I waited for 20 minutes in the longest taxi line ever and right before my hands almost froze off a taxi came thank goodness. I headed over to my friend LL's apartment. I am there for like .5 seconds before we head out to dinner .

Dinner was really good but if you go there and get a margarita be prepared for drunkenness. There is so much alcohol in their margaritas i swear i was buzzed after like 2 sips. But it was so much fun because my friend bean met us there. Bean and I went to college together. we lived together our junior year and lived on the same floor our freshman year. We met through some kind of Hillel BBQ and she might be the raunchiest girl I know and the funniest. I haven't seen her since we graduated college so it was so much fun.

I also finished a scarf for a friend's fiance. I was supposed to see them this weekend as well but She was very sick

SATURDAY: My friend and I woke up and headed to brunch with my friends puffy, sly and the jewelry maker. All of whom i had been years since I had seen. It was so much fun. And we had the best food. I think we were there so long that they basically were kicking us out.
Then i went to get more yarn (as if i needed it) to make a hat for my cousin

then i headed out to Long Island to visit my best friend Jlo. Jlo got married this summer and her husband ventures to Israel very frequently so we try to get together when he is out of town. They travel all over the place and I love arts and crafts so we did some scrap booking. WOO WOO and then went out to dinner. We also watched the devil wears prada... not so good didn't love the book i couldn't even get through the 1st 5 pages.

Then we had brunch at the cheesecake factory with my friend Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Jlo and myself went to college together so it was fun to reminisce and what not do a little shopping... watch some garden state and then come back to the Philly.

All in all a fantastic weekend

I will post pictures soon

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