Saturday, February 17, 2007

Does anyone else have this problem

Good Morning, Good very early morning.

I don't know what it is but I cannot sleep late. NEVER. I could be out until 3 in the morning I am still up at the crack of dawn.

in fact I have been up since about 6:30!! BELLA SLEEP!!

I am having kind of a feel sorry for myself few days.

This is so not me. In the past 6 months I have lost about 25 lbs. (hoping to lose more). I have moved to a new city, found a new job and a great apartment and i am loving my new life in Philadelphia (the secret is out! didn't take long!). Loving it. The city is fantastic you can walk so many places there are always things going on. But then sometimes I get stuck in a rut.

Its winter... who wants to go outside in freezing temperatures. I want to explore my neighborhood but i like being a home body too. i want to go out on the town but I don't know very many people.

In fact the majority of the people I do know are men. Men who i have been friends with since 8th grade. Its wonderful to have such amazing friends. But a girl needs her girlfriends... but honestly how at 27 years of age do you meet new girlfriends. You can't stand on the street corner with a sign saying "27 year old female, fun and outgoing, looking for girl-friends" people would be a little suspicious.

There is so much about this city I would love to explore see and do, but not all of it I feel comfortable doing by myself and on the other side I don't always want to do things by myself.

I also am feeling this way because... i was set up a few weeks ago with a guy (we can call him must love dogs). Must love dogs and myself have a mutual very dear friend. we hung out twice both I thought were pretty good times and I haven't heard from him again. Its not that I think he is a jerk (you know its the whole, he must have been hit by a bus or swallowed by a drain phenomenon) its just that in a lot of respects i am a completely different person then i was 6 months ago. Much stronger, much more outspoken, more self-confident, and skinnier and it is a blow to the ego to have someone reject you. I don't expect everyone to be interested. But I guess i just want more honesty. Tell me you aren't interested. I don't care how you ell me but tell me don't make me guess.

Confession: i am new to the world of dating. I don't know the rules I don't know the ins and outs. I have been a girl who has had very serious boyfriends. Boyfriends who were friends before or friends of friends and we had hung out prior to our being together so there was never this "dating" period. I am not good at playing games... but i would love in site in to the world of dating. Anything?? bring it on.

so must love dogs was a cool guy, Jewish, had a job i found endearing, and seemed to be very sweet. But who knows... it is what it is onward and upward i guess as they say.

Last night i was thinking about a news stream I saw several years ago. It was about a man with a job for a television station. His entire job was traveling around the country (maybe even the world) and just talking to people. getting to know them getting to know their stories. I always think what an interesting job this would be. How cool to meet so many people with so many different life experiences.

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