Friday, February 16, 2007

Its Friday night... do you know where your couch is

So, its Friday night and i am currently partaking in my Friday night ritual

TV, Couch, good food, good tea/coffee, maybe some wine, definitely some knitting and relaxation.

(and tonight it includes lots of tissues, Vaseline for my nose, cough drops, and Advil ahh yes the joys of colds)

its not that I don't like interacting with others. Its actually quite the opposite. I need it I love it i crave it regularly, but, i love coming home on Friday nights and knowing I can relax. Knowing I don't have to look beautiful after a long day of spit, hitting, biting, yelling, chasing, teaching... ahh you guessed it I work with children.

If there was an opportunity to do something fantastic on a Friday night I would do it. I would do it in a heartbeat. But it needs to be fantastic or with fantastic people. The work week is just exhausting.

It is such a joy to watch some Grey's and veg... knit my lovely scarves (this one for a very special person's very special fiance!!!) hats and other creative endeavors and veg.

on the other hand, I would love to spend Friday night at a good film, A BYO ( a staple in my city) or having a great drink with a great friend... but after I had my afternoon/early evening vegging time.

What ever you are doing enjoy your Friday night and welcome to my oh so new and not always guaranteed to be entertaining blog.

Comment, share, rant, rave and enjoy!

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