Thursday, March 19, 2009

its one of those days

This withdrawal (at least I hope that is what it is and not the new med) from Pristiq is killing me... I have had killer headaches for almost 2 weeks, been flu like for days, and NOW am having horrible anxiety and feeling pretty down :(

I took the day for me today. I hate doing that. I always feel guilty missing work but sometimes, you just need a day... to either wallow or re motivate... today I am hoping to do both. Especially since I am traveling tomorrow to see one of my favorite people...
now if only I could decrease the numbness and increase the excitement.

today to help myself I plan to:
take a hot bath with lavender
do yoga
do some art
maybe go for a run or do some cardio
and get all done I need for tomorrow so i can have a relaxing evening.

i want to go back to how amazing i felt when i first started weening off the pristiq

I hope that the effects of zoloft are being masked by this nightmare.

My therapist said that she met with a pristq rep the other day and they totally denied the fact that there are side effects/withdrawal effects.

seeing as everything I have read indicates that Effexor has terrible withdrawals how could this drug not.

Well I am sorry for such a downer post... apparently thinking positive and that I deserve good is very hard for me.

have a good Thursday

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